From traditional tents to specialty tents, whether for large events or small parties, Prestige Party Rental has the structure that's right for you.

Custom Tent Styles

Century Tent

Century Tents

With its high ceiling and graceful curves, the Anchor Century Tent provides a sophisticated look to any event. A pole and stake supported tent, its unique design minimizes the amount of interior and perimeter poles, allowing greater flexibility for whatever seating plan you desire. Available in 40’, 50’, 60’, 80’, and 100’ widths, and expandable in a wide variety of lengths, the Century Tent can be customized to fit the needs of any event.

Navi-Trac Tent

Navi-Trac® Tents

Similar to the conventional frame tent, the Navi-Trac® tent has no interior poles and less interior framework. Its state-of-the-art box-beam construction is engineered to withstand up to a 60 mph wind load and is available in 20’, 30’, 40’, and 50’ widths. The Navi-Trac® can be installed with the same white vinyl top and optional gathered ceiling liner available for the traditional frame tent or, for a truly special look, a clear vinyl top that truly allows your guests to “dine and dance under the stars.”


Frame Tents

Available in 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 20’, 25’, 30’, and 40’ widths there is a frame tent to fit just about any type of event and location. A free-standing, self-supported tent with an interior aluminum framework, the conventional frame tent is the perfect solution for areas such as decks, driveways and patios where staking options are limited. It has no interior poles, and is available with a white, gathered ceiling liner to give your event that special touch of class.

Traditional Pole Tent

Pole Tents

With its traditional look and straight lines, the pole-supported tent has been a standard in the tent rental industry for years. Available in 30’ & 40’ widths, the traditional pole tent can create an elegant look at an affordable price.


Stillwater Tents

With its sculpted peaks and eaves, this pole-supported tent creates a spectacular open-air event space. Its translucent sailcloth fabric enhances a daytime event with a natural warm light, and positively glows when lit for an evening affair. Available in 32’, 44’ and 57’ widths the Stillwater tent is the latest rage in wedding tents.

Structure Tents for large areas where staking options are limited


Designed for large events where staking options are limited, or a large tent with no interior poles is needed,. structure tents are a heavy-duty solution. These structures come in widths from 6-’ to 140’ and are expandable lengthwise in 15’ increments.

Marquee / Canopy


Available in 6’ and 9’ widths and virtually any length, marquees are primarily used to connect two tents, or a tent to an existing structure. It can also be used as a stand-along tent on decks and patios where space is limited.


All of the tents Prestige Party Rental tents can be installed with either an 8’ or 10’ eave height. Sidewalls are available in clear vinyl, solid white, or cathedral window style.