Coat racks, velour ropes, coolers, and bars are just a few of the special items available at Prestige Party Rental to enhance your guest' party experience.

Additional Equipment


Also Available:

Bus Tub2.00
Cake Stand (stainless)4.00
Cutting Board6.50
Aluminum Easel7.50
Garbage Pail (plastic)5.00
Garbage Stand & Bags4.50
Ice Scoop2.00
Wood Handle Steak Knife.60
Table Number & Stand1.50
Tray (stainless) 18 Oval2.50
Waiter Stand6.00
Waiter Tray 16" Round2.50
Waiter Tray 27" Oval6.00
Wicker Basket1.00
Folding Lattice Screen20.00
Pipe and Drapeinquire
Patio Heater 150.00
Red Carpet Runners 50'
(Additional Sizes Inquire)


4 ft. All White35.00
4 ft. Black Bar45.00
6 ft. All White45.00
6 ft. Black Bar55.00

Coat Racks

50 Garments with Hangers 25.00
Coat Check (100 count)7.50


Ice Bin (white plastic)6.00
Super Cooler15.00
48 qt. Beach Cooler6.00

Velour Ropes

Ropes 15.00
Chrome Stanchion 15.00


with Built-In P.A. 60.00

Note: All prices subject to change.